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Web Summit Brazil: Global Class Takes The Stage

Web Summit Brazil: Global Class Takes The Stage

This year, Rio de Janeiro played host to the world-famous Web Summit tech conference, along with over 21,000 attendees. Global Class authors Klaus Wehage and Aaron McDaniel were there to introduce the playbook for successful global growth to the ecosystem. 

This trip was remarkable because unicorns Nubank, Kavak, Gympass, and Rappi have committed to support the launch of the Portuguese version of Global Class in 2024. 

All in all, Klaus and Aaron moderated 2 panels at Web Summit in Rio, gave 8 keynote talks in São Paulo, and made hundreds of lasting connections to ultimately help Brazilian-based startups be successful in global markets. In this blog, we’ll look back at some of the key highlights of the trip and everyone who contributed to making it a successful one.

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On stage Web Summit Rio, one of the world’s largest tech events 

Did you know that Web Summit Rio was the biggest technology event ever held in Brazil? In this video, Klaus moderated a panel on startup success and scaling with Marc Penzel (Startup Genome), Gerry Giacomán Colyer (Clara), and Gina Gotthilf (Latitud).

Aaron also had a great conversation with Dan Westgarth about Deel's keys to successful global growth.

Making news in Brazil

Global Class was featured in Economia SC, going into detail about the strategies and frameworks to build successful global businesses. This participation at Web Summit Rio arrived on the heels of the new release of the Global Capability Score, an organizational analysis tool designed to uncover organizational gaps that can prevent an organization from being successful in global markets.

Aaron talked about the 3 critical factors that lead to global scale in this interview with AAA Inovação’s Chief Marketing Officer, Daniel Nogueira Porcides. 


Building meaningful connections in the LATAM region

What the Global Class team has taken away from this trip was the remarkable interpreneurial atmosphere in Brazil. Klaus and Aaron were thankful to all the interpreneurs they met who were passionate about global entrepreneurship and international expansion. They were the following:

  • David Vélez, Founder and CEO, Nubank

  • Ricardo Amorim, Brazil’s most influential economist

  • Cris Alessi, CEO, Curitiba Agency of Innovation

  • Andy Young, Partner, Kaszek 

  • Pedro Waengertner, CEO ACE

  • Maju Coutinho, Journalist 

  • Felipe Mattos, CIO, Sirius

  • Mariana Vasconcelos, Founder, Agrosmart

  • Francisco Jardim, General Partner, SP Ventures

  • Florian Hagenbuch, Co-Founder, Canary and Loft

  • Fernanda Caloi, Special Projects, Latitud

  • João Barbosa, Co-founder and CEO Brasil, Gympass 

  • Globo Ventures Team: Gustavo Lacerda, Luis Lora, Pedro Tedesco

  • Juliana Pascowitch, Venture Capital

  • Carolina Kia, CEO, Bud and Co-Founder, weme

  • Ingrid Barth, President of Abstartups and Founder of Linker in Cubo Network 

  • Roger Laughlin C, Founder & Brazil CEO -

  • Luciana Machado, M.A, Head of Communications, 

  • Gabriela Onofre, CMO, Unico

  • Otavio Toledo, Head Of Marketing, Communications and Events

  • Vinícius Andrade, CCO, Boca Rosa Company

  • Andre L. Miceli, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, MIT Technology Review Brasil

  • Andrea Iorio, Founder, Keynote Speaker & Podcaster

  • Daniel Moczydlower, President & CEO, Embraer-X, Head of Global Innovation Ecosystems

  • Natalia Arcuri, Founder & CEO, Me Poupe

  • Klaus Schwab, Founder and President, World Economic Forum

  • Cora Soares Souza, Head of Startup International Markets & Partnerships, Sebrae

  • Emiliano Agazzoni, CEO, Community Manager School

  • Victoria Hipolito, Co-founder & CEO, engagers

  • Ana Carolina Siedschlag, Head of Content BR, Bloomberg Línea

  • Isabela Fleischmann, Reporter, Bloomberg Línea

  • Pedro Dias, Venture Capital, DOMO Invest

  • Marcello Gonçalves, Managing Partner at Domo Invest and Kauffman Fellow

  • Lilian Primo Albuquerque, CEO and Co-founder, Mobye

  • Flávia Bellaguarda, Climate Justice and Climate Policy Specialist

  • Gustavo Araujo, Co-founder & CIO, Distrito

  • Eduardo Barrocal, Event producer 

  • Actiz team: Renata Spinassé Della Valentina, Felippe Domingos, Livia Carlini

  • ACE Startups team: Paula Riciolli Larissa Leme Aceleração,Igor Crabi Freitas, Pedro Carneiro

  • Khanum Consultoria em Inovação team: Mariana Ramos, Tiago da Cruz Soares, Kaê Duarte, Carolina Fazolim Ramos, Daniel Ramos, Daniel Ramos

  • Bradesco team: Renata Talarico Petrovic, Rafael Barsi Tafelli

  • Crescera Capital team: Alexandre Leão, Mateus Pires

  • Bossanova Investimentos team: João Kepler Braga, Tainá Balduino, Becky Bessa, Mirela Azevedo

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