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Launching Global Class in Vietnam

Apr 29, 2024

In tandem with the launch of Global Class in Vietnam, Klaus took the stage at the CSMO Summit Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City to share his insights on successful global growth in front of 1,500+ attendees from business, academia, and consulting agencies. He also presented the book to the country’s most important business leaders at the Vietnam National Assembly Television, the Academy of Journalism and Communication, and the book launch event by Alpha Books. 

The authors of the #2 Wall Street Journal Bestseller and National Bestseller book, “Global Class,” Klaus Wehage and Aaron McDaniel, are proud to announce the publication of the Vietnamese translation of their book this November 23-30, 2023. The bestselling book has been endorsed by unicorn startup founders, investors, bestselling authors like Eric Ries and Steve Blank, and top corporate executives from Apple, Google, Zoom, Salesforce, and many others.

This book translation arrives on the heels of Global Class’ recent launch of the Global Growth Master Class, a comprehensive course that teaches how the world’s top companies succeed at global scale. The course aims to educate 1000 local leaders in Vietnam and elevate the ecosystem to go from being mainly local to globally oriented, generating more international success stories.


Why Vietnam?

Klaus Wehage, Global Class co-founding partner and co-author said, “Vietnam was a special place for me because my interpreneurial career started there, helping the Carlsberg Group with their local market strategy.”

“Now that the book is available in Vietnam, we are looking forward to transforming how companies are built, scaled, and expanded across the ecosystem,” said co-founding partner and co-author Aaron McDaniel.

Entitled, “Global Class: How The World's Fastest-Growing Companies Scale Globally by Focusing Locally”, the book teaches the mindset, culture, and strategies to successfully build global businesses. Through case studies and insights from over 400 of the world's fastest-growing companies, Global Class illuminates what the new class of successful global businesses ("Global Class Companies") do to succeed, who are part of their high-performing teams, and how they do it.

The Story Behind The Vietnamese Translation

The Vietnamese edition of the book is the result of a multi-month collaboration between the authors and Alpha Books. Special mention to Le Quốc Vinh (Chairman & CEO, Le Group of Companies), Nguyen Canh Binh, Ta Lien Huong, Huynh Thi Xuân Liên, Minh HÆ°Æ¡ng, as well as Global Class City Leads Tri Dung, Tran and Ngan Le Huynh Kim who helped make this publication possible.  

It was a substantial effort that included translating the entire 350+ page English manuscript, all footnotes, and several dozen graphs and tables. Klaus and Aaron led a group of translators and designers through every part of the book and worked with Alpha Books to make the book available for sale in Vietnam, with the ultimate goal of supporting Vietnamese businesses to expand globally.

For globally-minded business leaders who need support in navigating the challenges of international growth, check out the Global Growth Master Class which goes beyond the book with new case studies and frameworks on successful global growth. 


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About Global Class

The Global Class team has developed the playbook that teaches organizations the right mindset, culture, and strategies to build successful global businesses. Through strategy tools and frameworks now available as a master class (+ case studies built from conversations with over 400 executives from the world’s fastest-growing companies - that became the #2 Wall Street Journal Bestselling book, Global Class), our team illuminates what the new class of successful global businesses (“Global Class Companies”) do to succeed, who are part of their high-performing teams, and how they do it. From market entry to global growth, we help companies build the foundation for successful global growth through leadership advisory services, strategy workshops, and more. Earn your Global Growth Master Class - Certificate on Global Strategy at Global Growth Master Class

If you'd like to learn more about Global Class and implement strategies and tools that we have developed, reach out to us!

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