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Our 1st international launch of Global Class (South Korea)

Apr 29, 2024

We are delighted to share the incredible success of launching the Korean edition of Global Class, which took place in Seoul on August 21-25, 2023. It was an unforgettable week-long gathering of Korea’s top entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change-makers, all eager to delve into the strategies for successful global growth.

Thank you to those who became a part of this remarkable celebration. Stay tuned for more exciting book launches, events, and opportunities that will continue to empower and inspire entrepreneurs and corporate innovators on their quest for international scaling success. The Global Class book is now available for purchase at Yes24, Aladin or Kyobo bookstore.



The Journey: “Announcing The Book Tour”

The authors of the #2 Wall Street Journal Bestseller and National Bestseller book, “Global Class,” Klaus Wehage and Aaron McDaniel are excited to announce a book tour on August 2023 in support of the publication of a Korean translation of their book. This bestselling book has been endorsed by unicorn startup founders, investors, bestselling authors like Eric Ries and Steve Blank, and top corporate executives from Apple, Google, Zoom, Salesforce, and many others. 

In tandem with the tour, the authors will be joined by an all-star list of event co-organizers, including D.Camp, Moloco, Campus Talk Series, Wanted Lab, and the Asan Nanum Foundation at Maru180, as well as webinar partner, LearningSpoons.

With this new translation of the book comes the authors’ favorite part: meeting with business executives from fast-growing companies, ecosystem players, and educators from top universities in Korea.


Why Korea?

Klaus Wehage, Global Class co-founding partner and co-author said, “Korea is one of the best places for companies looking to expand globally because of its world-class infrastructure and many highly-skilled ‘Interpreneurs’. This is based on my experience working with many Korean founders to scale their businesses in the past. But even with a strong ecosystem, government support, and a skilled workforce, scaling a business to global markets still comes with unique challenges. This edition of the book now includes case studies from current Korean unicorns, as well as insights from other fast-growing companies all over the world, with the ultimate goal of helping Korean companies with their expansion challenges.”

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“Korea is our priority market because of its world-class innovation culture and our firsthand experience with their supportive ecosystem,” said co-founding partner and co-author Aaron McDaniel. “What’s also remarkable about Korea is the willingness of business leaders to make the changes necessary to succeed globally. We want to express our gratitude to these leaders who are genuinely willing to pay it forward to help the next generation of Korean companies.”


The Story Behind The Korean Translation

The translation is the result of a multi-month collaboration between authors Klaus, Aaron, and Korea’s most successful companies and executives, namely: John S. Kim (CEO, Sendbird) Ikkjin Ahn (Co-Founder & CEO, Moloco), Kyum Kim (Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Blind) and Han Kim (General Partner, Altos Ventures).

This was a substantial effort that included translating the entire 350+ page English manuscript, all footnotes, and several dozen graphs and tables. Klaus and Aaron led a group of translators, students, and designers through every part of the book and worked with Hanbit Media to make the book available for sale in Korea, with the ultimate goal of supporting Korean businesses to expand globally.

The book tour arrives on the heels of Global Class’ new release of the Global Capability Score, an organizational analysis tool designed to help founders, CEOs, and executive teams better understand the organizational gaps that can prevent their organizations from being successful in global markets. 

If you'd like to learn more about Global Class and implement strategies and tools that we have developed, reach out to us!

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