Select the right markets and the right strategies with the Market Prioritization Playbook

Go from building unprofitable and unscalable market entry strategies to entering into new markets on autopilot, with structured playbooks and repeatable revenue growth...

A four-pillar framework that increases probability of success 

Our Global Growth Opportunity Matrix blows management consulting firms' tools (like McKinsey, Bain, BCG) out of the water....

A step-by-step guide to scale your company globally
  1. ORGANIZATIONAL CAPABILITY ASSESSMENT - Learn what capabilities your company has/needs to support your international growth plans 
  2. MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS - Get insights on what markets have potential, creating your initial list of opportunities
  3. LOCALIZATION DISCOVERY - Understand target markets in greater detail to identify market complexities and create differentiated market entry strategies
  4. LINKED MARKETS OPPORTUNITIES - Develop a prioritized list of countries and define your pathway to global growth, entering not just one market but succeeding at global scale

Management tools validated by industry leaders

John Brandon, Fmr VP of International @ Apple

"Aaron and Klaus provide structure, process, and clarity where there once was only mystery and complexity - Global Class is the perfect guidebook for navigating the challenges of global expansion.."

Abe Smith, Fmr Head of International @ Zoom

"Klaus and Aaron have literally written the playbook on international Go-To-Market... This is the framework I wish I had 15 years ago!"

A proven expansion methodology that help you by... 

‚úst¬†EXPAND¬†SMARTER by¬†leveraging the "Global Market Prioritization Mix" you will turn your expansion struggles into high-revenue markets

‚úst¬†BEAT THE COMPETITION through understanding the local market, differentiating your solutions from local challengers¬†

‚úst¬†AVOID¬†EXPANSION PITFALLS¬†with a robust market discovery framework that maps out the right go-to-market strategies to succeed locally

‚úst BUILD YOUR¬†PROVEN PATHWAY helping you to not only achieve product-market fit¬†in one market but replicate across a global footprint


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Free Company Assessment

Uncovering gaps that hinder global growth (+ develop capabilities to overcome them) and achieve internal alignment 

Simple Expansion Steps

Knowing the exact steps your company needs to take to succeed in identifying, discovering and prioritizing new markets

Clear Pathway to Multiple Markets

Getting full clarity on where to expand to and how by leveraging the Global Growth Opportunity Matrix

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